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In my previous post (SVG Glyph Positioning) I said that we now do individual glyph positioning for SVG text but that there were some gotchas.

Fortunately Takeshi Kurosawa stepped up to the plate and fixed inheritance of glyph positions so that <text x=”10 30″ y=”30″><tspan>HI</tspan></text> now displays correctly. His work on this will be in Beta 7.

We’ve made more animation progress too. Animated slideshows anyone?

  • Event based animation by Brian Birtles allows animation to react to mouse clicks: Eventbase targets
  • Then we have string animation which would allow the animation to change the slideshow image to move to the next slide.
  • At the moment the slides would need to be based around SVG use elements however the ability to have slides as SVG images where each slide is an SVG document is not far off thanks to Daniel Holbert.

I think eventbase animation was early enough to be in Beta 6, String animation will be in Beta 8 and so should SVG images in the SVG image tag.

Meanwhile Jonathan Watt has been keeping his head down implementing a rather complicated patch for animation of path segments. Once that lands only lists of numbers e.g. text glyph rotation and polygon and polyline points will be left. Pretty much anything else should animate barring the odd and hopefully minor rough edge of course.

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  1. Posted by FP on October 12, 2010 at 6:22 pm

    Not a big deal but the following Mozilla SVG page seems to be way out of date, it claims to show the status of trunk and points to MDC for the status of Firefox 2, but in reality the MDC page is up to date and the page isn’t:


  2. Posted by Robert O'Callahan on October 12, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    Animated point lists also need to be done.

  3. […] UPDATE: I just noticed Robert Longson (who’s played a big part in us getting to this point) beat me to reporting much of this news, so for more details on where we’re up to see his post too. […]

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